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Why are we different to other chiropractic clinics?

From the Tour De France, to the Common Wealth Games, we have been helping athletes for over 14 years. Check out our Instagram, look at our Chiropractor profiles, and let the experience do the talking!

We believe in offering not only the best treatment options to clients, but also to deliver these in the safest, quickest possible time!

We set specific goals, we offer beautiful private treatment rooms, and treatments last 30mins or more!

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1. Consultation

At your consultation, we listen to you. This is a 60 mins appointment. We examine you thoroughly to ensure that we fully understand your problem. We believe in offering your appointments in a private treatment room. Simply, we listen to your needs.

2. Diagnosis

An important part of your personalised treatment plan unique to your specific needs. We explain what is wrong & the root cause, creating a functional diagnosis. Done through an in depth history and examination, which will be the starting point for our management plan.

3. Treatment

By following the treatment plan, your pain will be relieved and your problem addressed quickly and effectively. With a wide range of treatment options we are proud to offer specific therapies for your specific needs. Each visit is 30 mins or more!

Common treatments

Live Free is a multi disciplinary clinic that offers an abundance of natural therapies to restore your wellbeing.

Back Pain

A full health history is taken looking into the past and present issues that may be related to your presenting problem.

We will perform numerous orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic tests to obtain vital information about the function of your spine and nervous system.

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Neck pain

We create our treatment programs bespoke to fit every individual. Our treatments are gentle and tailored to minimise any risk, and to maximise efficiency.

An accurate diagnosis is required for treatment to be effective.

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sports injuries

Our comprehensive treatment & rehabilitation program has proven itself to be the most effective way of restoring normal functional, movement and to deal with pain.

We can achieve this in a fraction of the normal time other therapists may ask, and give you the tools to maintain this painfree, fully functional lifestyle.

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Other conditions helped