Knee Pain

Knee pain can be caused by stiffness in the joint, injury, soft tissue strains and tears or instability.

Our team will work hard to understand your problem and deliver effective treatment to stop your symptoms.

What can cause Knee Pain?

Effective treatment starts with diagnosing what is causing your knee pain. We will manually examine all the muscles and ligaments in your knee.

Knee pain may be due to a knee problem or may be due to referred pain from the hip or back. We will be able to tell. If you think you may have any of these problems then a thorough examination can get to the bottom of it. It can be caused by arthritis, and is one of the most common sporting injuries. Knee pain patients often struggle to walk especially on stairs (and very often worse going down the stairs!). Some swelling may occur around the knee, which may indicate inflammation within the joint.

A torn cartilage can be the cause of knee pain, often associated with a locking or clicking of the joint, but usually it is the other soft tissues around the knee which are the problem. Ligaments, tendons and muscles are all working very hard to keep the knee stable, and they can injure if loaded wrongly.

Treatment for Knee Pain

Treatment for your knee pain will usually start with reducing the daily load that you’re putting through your knee and avoiding aggravating movements or exercise. This may not mean full rest but a reduction in impact on your painful knee, such as reducing walking, climbing stairs or switching to treadmill running or reducing distance and pace of your runs.

Treatment’s such as taping techniques, massage and mobilisation are very useful for knee pain but ultimately restoring range of movement and strength are the main goal.

A bespoke exercise programme will be put together during your first session to help you achieve these goals. The practitioner will demonstrate and watch you do the exercises so we know that you feel comfortable and confident.

Assessing your ankle, knee, hip alignment can show the cause of knee Pain!


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