James Power's Running Journey's

From Marathons to Half's around the World

Having Completed 16 marathons, 20 half marathons and countless 10km's, I have great admiration & respect for anyone who sets a challenge or goal!

My passion for running has taken me around the world, where I have had the privilege of meeting, treating, running with some of the best athletes in the world! All whilst sharing this with with friends & family.

Here's a selection of photos of marathons, half's etc which I've had such fun running.

New York Marathon

It is the largest marathon in the world, with 52,812 finishers in 2018!

Starting on Staten island, and running most of New Yorks best boroughs,this is a must for all marathon lovers! Ending in Central Park after a challenging course of bridges & not to mention the potholes in Manhattan, it was worth every bit of muscle pain, cramp & sweat! .

Berlin Marathon

Famed for being the flattest, hence the quickest - this is personal best (PB) terrority!

Running through berling you get to see the varied architecture and beautiful surrondings, all whilst knowing there are no hills, no obstacles coming up & you can give it your all to get your best marathon time possible!

Even the reward for finishing, a German beer, was a great treat!

Brighton Marathon

Hilly, Tricky, but beautiful Coastal Run!
A race of 2 half's. For me I love running by the ocean, the Brighton was a memorable race.
The 1st half running though the streets of Brighton City Centre, onto the sea front uphill to Brighton Marina was challenging but scenic.

The 2nd half towards Hove was beautiful along the sea front. This end of the race was flatter, and proved to give you the spur you needed from the thousands of people lined on the promenade.

Bournemouth Half Marathon

This is my yearly go to race to start the season off!
I love Bournemouth as I studied here, but something about running along the coast line (even when the winds have other ideas) makes you feel fresh, motivated, alst while enjoying the ocean.

Be warned! This is has a few steep cliffs to both run up & down which all adds to the excitement .

Highly recommended for beginners looking for a challenge.

Dublin Marathon

I might be biased (as this is my home town) but Dublin marathon is one of my top favourite marathons!

I ran this course, 6 times, not only because of the "craic" to be had at the start line & throughout the race, but the amazing warm, motivating crowds that cheer each and every runner on the day!

Its a challenging course, with a few elevated sections, but its one of the last in the marathon dates in the yearly calendar. Regardless of the weather I've loved every second of it!

Bournemouth Half Marathon

For most West Londoners, Richmond Park is a staple go-to running experience!

Not your typical marathon, but one which is equally fun, challegening & enjoyable for different reasons. The scenery is stunning, wildlife galore, but its the hills that are memorable!

Strong legs, someone with running experience suits this course. Fast parts, then off the beaten track through the parkside, and onto pavement/road, this covers all terrain.
Definitly a nice mix of country style & city running!

Windsor to Marlow 1/2 Marathon

With my sister, we completed this majestic riverside 1/2 marathon in the glorious sunshine!

Each year, the direction changes, so the starting point swaps! The route is stunning, all along the river Thames.

Whilst there was a few hairy moments on the uneven tow path, I throughly enjoyed this 1/2. Great for beginners looking for a goal, and also very family orientated & extremley well organised.

Paris Marathon

Whats not to love about Paris?

With a unforgettable start on the Champs-Élysées and finishing by the Arc du Triomphe this is marathon with the best sightseeing!

The course is pretty straight forward no major hills, it was a case of put autopilot on, take it all in & enjoy the beauty of this city!

I would love to do this again, and its super easy with the Eurostar!

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