Neck Pain

We are all working harder, sitting longer, and putting extra stress on our joints/muscles.
Neck pain can come on because of poor posture / injury / strain, which
causes stiff spinal joints and tight muscles.  

The key to beating neck pain is to understand the cause and then to get effective treatment.

We work hard to understand the cause of your problem and provide effective treatment to solve your neck pain.

What can cause Neck Pain?

Neck pain can be caused by irritation to the joints, discs, muscles or nerves of the spine. This happens with repetitive minor trauma such as working at a desk or, more rarely, by a single traumatic injury such as a fall or car crash.

It can also be caused by inactivity which causes the joints of the spine to stiffen up and the neck support muscles to become weak such as working on a laptop for long periods.

The nerves around the stiff joints get irritated too and send alarm signals into the nervous system which can cause further symptoms such as tingling and pain referred down the arms or even headaches.

What's the treatment for Neck Pain?

Our Fully qualified BCA Chiropractor will carry out a full examination and take a thorough history before advising an appropriate tailor-made package of care for each individual based on current research and years of clinical experience.

Treatment for neck pain may involve gentle, specific adjustments to your neck. This will decrease pain and restore normal movement to the area, aiming to ensure that each joint is working at its best. soft tissue work (massage, myofascial release techniques, trigger point therapy and cross friction) to ease out the fibrous adhesions (some people describe them as feeling like a knot) and tension in the surrounding musculature.

Treatment for Trapper Nerves in the Neck

Early treatment for a trapped nerve is recommended as the longer it goes on the harder treatment gets and the less likely as a successful outcome is.

Most clients start with painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication from the GP or pharmacist which can be helpful but with specific with disc decompression techniques and spinal mobilisation at Live Free gives the body the best chance to heal.

We believe that each client work with us, so exercises form an important part of your "home treatment" and consist of several easy-to-do movements. Keeping it simple and consistent is what we do best.

The most important thing is a thorough examination by an expert Chiropractor in neck problems which we can happily help with.

Trapped Nerves in the Neck

This is often caused by a bulging disc, sometimes called a slipped disc, herniated disc or prolapsed disc. The bulging disc in the lower neck presses on the arm nerves as they come out of the spine on its journey down the arm to the hand.

Fortunately, it can usually be treated easily with the techniques we use here at Live Free which speeds up the healing process.

Trapped nerves in the neck cause symptoms such as:
- a deep burning or electric type pain into arm
- numbness, tingling and funny sensations on the skin.
- arm and wrist muscles can often go weak (difficult to raise your arm or gripping).

Rarely, this can become permanent so prompt treatment is recommended.

Life doesn't have to be a pain! We are here to help.

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