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A Online Virtual Video Consultation is the same as any regular clinical appointment.
The only difference is that you will see and speak to your Chiropractor via a video conference call.

If you have ever used Skype or FaceTime, then you’ll already be familiar with how Virtual Consultation works.
Its very easy to use and our clients have excellent results.

These web-based consultations give you the opportunity to speak with a qualified Chiropractor
without having to attend physical appointment,
ensuring you get the right advice immediately which will support and facilitate your speedy recovery.

Most consultations can take place via our secure platform called PhysiApp.
Alternatively, we can accomodate appointments via Zoom, which are free & secure!

Exercise programme

What to expect During a Virtual ConsultationCLINICAL AND PAST-MEDICAL HISTORY
We take all patients through a thorough clinical and past-medical history, in order to help us make a diagnosis, and guide patient management.

This may include a clear virtual :
- Movement & Joint tests - through verbal instructions
- Postural Examination
- Gait Examination

If additional tests are indicated, an onward referral can be arranged.

Chiropractic exercise care

Diagnosis, Prognosis & Proposed TreatmentWe'll let you know:
- A Diagnosis of your complaint: What it is and what’s causing it...
A Prognosis of your case: How it’s expected to progress / develop, or, how long it will take to get better...
An explanation of the Proposed Treatment (should we deem ourselves suitable for the management of your complaint).

This will inform you of:
What we can do to help, What you'll be able to do, in order to help yourself. What results you can expect and The rate at which you can expect these results.

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On some occasions virtual appointments may not allow for all aspects of examination. For example with complex neurological conditions.  Sometimes further physical examination, special tests such as blood tests, and investigative imaging such as an X-ray, MRI or Diagnostic US, may need to be carried out by a qualified healthcare professional.

However, this can be discussed in full during your Virtual Consultation Appointment (Online Virtual Video Consultation), and onward referral can be arranged. We have providers for all of these services & can arrange it for you local to your location.  We may need to refer serious or complex patients back to their GP for referral if their needs are compacted our outwith our relevant areas of expertise..

For more on what to expect, please visit Physiapp’s guidance page here.

Rehabilitative Exercise PrescriptionISSUE 1: I don’t have time to get to a gym or a class because of work/home commitments/ COVID!
SOLUTION 1: How about an exercise programme that you can do anywhere, anytime from your smart phone or device??

ISSUE 2: I have good intentions but can’t keep up with my exercise routine!
SOLUTION 2: Pushed for time? No problem. We will design your program and email it to you to be completed at your leisure?

ISSUE 3: I Never know what to actually do next when working out?
SOLUTION 3: We will tailor make a progression program plan for you and change it after a Video follow up with you. We will establish new goals and work towards them.  

ISSUE 4: I’m stuck in because of stupid COVID-19 and I want a quality exercise plan suitable to my age, fitness and ability.
PERFECT – call us now! What do I need to do? Book a consultation and we will organise the rest for you. Simple.

For a short demonstration of how to use Virtual Consultations with PhysiApp: Watch Here

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Our team of experts

We offer patients integrated care where numerous therapies are used simultaneously to produce a superior effect. We work together with you to create a bespoke plan of care that will suit your condition and your lifestyle.


What our patients say

I've been seeing James for a number of years and have even followed him to his new Centre which is away from where I live.  I mainly see James to relieve neck pain and headaches which he does brilliantly. He's very skilled and uses a combination of soft tissue work, manipulation, stretching and acupuncture as needed. I feel in very safe hands and trust his judgement and treatment 100%. I can't recommend him highly enough.


James has been treating my back and groin injuries for some time. Without his help it would have taken me much longer to get back out running and cycling and seeing him on a regular basis has kept me healthy while i pursue my fitness goals. He is also successfully treating a number of my friends and family who have all came to him due to his excellent reputation.

The service from first call to getting your appointment is great and you are met with very helpful and friendly staff on arrival!

JOhn - runner & cyclist

Since a slip disc more than 20 years ago my back has given me much pain over the years with many weeks spent in bed unable to move. I was introduced to James some 6 years ago. With regular treatment at the beginning he got the pain under control and increased my movement giving me a lot more confidence, especially when bending to pick up things. I have continued my treatment with James at a maintenance level, about once a month.
James and his team are very professional and amazing in every way. I would definitely recommend them to anyone with a back or sports injury.
Five stars from me.


My whole family has been going to this clinic for years. Nicole has managed to keep us all in balance with our many body challenges. She is amazing! The service is fantastic, and I wouldn't trust anyone else. James has now taken on treating my children and everyone is very happy. Highly recommend this clinic and will continue to do so as they grow.


Always top class treatment. As an elite athlete, Nicole was always my 'go to' therapist/chiropractor. She saw as my body as a holistic being rather than just treating the symptoms. She doesn't just crack the bones but deals with all the tight muscles contributing to the problem.

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