Shockwave Therapy

Combined with Rehabilitation or Stand Alone treatment

What is Shockwave Therapy?

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (EWST) is a non invasive, non surgical, drug free procedure for the treatment of chronic (long term) tendon pain.

It involves the use of a single acoustic pressure wave to bring pain relief and healing to the muscle and skeletal structures. The main benefits of shockwave are pain relief and restoration of function.

It is more commonly used in the lower limbs, ankles and feet. This form of treatment can stimulate the body’s natural healing process. and accelerate the healing of soft tissue injuries. This is achieved by boosting circulation and providing immediate pain relief.

ECSWT is a safe, non-invasive treatment, with convincing evidence for its effectiveness from a large body of research and clinical trials.

Clinical evidence supporting the use of Shockwave Therapy

The use of Shockwave Therapy for tendon issues is well supported by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). NICE have produced guidelines for the use of shockwave in the treatment of Achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis and calcific tendinopathy.

Shockwave therapy in Putney London.

How Does ECSWT work?

Sometimes referred to as the ‘mechanism of action’, ECSWT uses a specialist device to deliver acoustic energy through the skin to the injured part of the body. These shockwaves are mechanical and not electric. They are audible, low-energy sound waves, which increase the blood flow to the injured area.

ECSWT has two main modes of action to help persistent tendon pain. Firstly, the shockwaves work to desensitise nerve endings. In many instances, this will bring about an immediate reduction in the symptoms of pain.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the shockwaves cause controlled microtrauma to the tissues. This will activate and accelerate the body’s natural healing response. In effect, the shockwaves allow the body to heal any soft tissue problems in that immediate area by increasing blood circulation and metabolism.

What conditions can be treated?

We treat a range of patients using shockwave therapy. The most common conditions that we treat include:

Tennis Elbow

Painful inflammation of the tendon attachment on the lateral elbow.

Shoulder Pain

Painful limitation of shoulder movement.

Golfer's Elbow

Painful inflammation of the tendon attachment on the medial elbow.

Hip Bursitis

Painful swelling over the lateral hip.

Hip Bursitis

Painful swelling over the lateral hip.

Patella Syndrome

Inflammation of the point of attachment of the patellar ligament.

Achilles Tendonitis

Painful irritation of the Achilles tendon.

Painful Heel / Plantar Fasciitis

Painful, mostly chronic inflammation of the heel.

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