Running injuries

Running & Chiropractic Care

Running and Sports injuries are extremely common. At Live Free, our Sports Chiropractors have ran over 16 marathons! So we know a thing or 2 about running. Understanding movement, the stresses put on the body from pounding the pavement can sometimes cause injury, strain or muscle ache.Our assessment will help answer those questions of why? Usually we see people who have increased their running milage and something as just given. Thats where a full functional assessment, movement examination, can help.

Physical Process

We get to know your needs, goals, physical areas to address, improve or help with any injuries in 3 SIMPLE STEPS:

1. Consultation
At your free consultation we listen to you and examine you thoroughly to ensure that we fully understand your problem.

2. Diagnosis / Advice
We set out a treatment plan unique to your specific needs.

3. Performance
By following the treatment plan, your pain/goal will be relieved/addressed and your problem addressed quickly and effectively.

Massage may help

Plantar Fasciitis

Achilles Tendonitis

Shin Splints

Runners Knee

IT Band Syndrome

Hamstring Tendinitis

Lateral Hip Pain

Lower Back Pain

Running Functional Assessment

Ideal for anyone who is starting our on a running goal, 5k, half / full / ultra marathon and want to do so in a safe fully functional way! Our team will help create a plan, give you an assessment which will look at movement patterns, global joint movement, muscle activity and much more! Thats why even Usain Bolt has a Chiropractor on his team!

We also assess the strength and flexibility of key muscle groups that affect your running gait which can lead to performance enhancement, allowing your body to utilise its full range of movements.

A full injury prevention corrective programme focusing on correcting your imbalances will be advised. This programme can include stretches and corrective strength exercises to improve your sports injury in the longer term and reduce the risk of it from happening again. What you waiting for? Lets get started!

Ready to Race?

At Putney Chiropractic & Sports Injuries we're focused on getting you out of pain and back to what you love doing, from simply sitting comfortably to getting you exercising safely or achieving a running goal like 5k or marathon. Our sports Chiropractors are here to help!

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