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In our opinion one of the most important times to have a spinal check is when you are pregnant. We believe you deserve the best and during this special time, we check your alignment, at the different stages of pregnancy to maintain spinal function.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy and for children is extremely gentle, our focus being on the cranium and pelvis. Babies often fall asleep during a session, in fact many pregnant mums do too!

According to the research almost 50% of pregnant women experience back pain during pregnancy.

Signs and symptoms of pelvic pain disorder (symphysis pubis dysfunction) include:

Pain in the front and/or the back of the pelvis, sometimes in the groin, legs or back

Difficulty walking and doing normal activities

Pain on turning over in bed

Rib pain

Stiffness, swelling or "clicking" in the hip

Can it be treated?

We provide a range of techniques suitable for treating musculo-skeletal problems in pregnant woman. They provide both comfort and pain relief. It is essential that you find a practitioner who has specialist training and experience in prenatal and post-natal care.

It's gentle

This, along with sleeping advice, exercise recommendations and advice about the best positions to adopt to support your back, provide excellent support to help cope with the changes the body undergoes during pregnancy.

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