Conditions Helped

Almost everyone gets back pain at some time, but staying active, with the help of chiropractic treatment, may well be the best solution.

Neck pain can result from disorders of any of the structures in the neck, including the cervical vertebrae and intervertebral discs, nerves, muscles etc.

Get the same level of care that professional sports teams / athletes get in order to get you back into action as quickly as possible.

The key to beating back pain which can cause leg pain is to understand the cause of the pain and then to get effective treatment

This may be a result of an injury, referred mechanical problem, or medical conditions like arthritis. We can find out and help find a solution.

RSI Treatment

Those who suffer from pain in their hands and arms as s result of repeating similar movements over a long period of time., usually as part of their job.


We often get asked for advice about treating or preventing arthritis. Why not call us and book a free consultation.

Fed up with shoulder pain and finding working, daily chores, sports? Why not book a free consultation. We are fully trained in limbs/joints & more.

Chiropractic care for headaches

The burden of recurrent headaches can be solved.  Fortunately, simple treatment can resolve headaches for good & we can help!

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