Sports & Performance

From the Tour De France, to the Common Wealth Games, we have been helping athletes for over 14 years.
Check out our Instagram, look at our Chiropractor profiles, and let the experience do the talking!

Being part of someones achievement whether it be winning a gold medal, to working towards a personal goal, we understand the physical needs. We help you achieve your goals, in a safe and fully functionally programme.

The benefits of chiropractic include injury management and prevention of injury, improvement of flexibility and spinal tension, and optimisation of nerve flow, ensuring optimal strength and function.

The key to beating back pain which can cause leg pain is to understand the cause of the pain and then to get effective treatment

This may be a result of an injury, referred mechanical problem, or medical conditions like arthritis. We can find out and help find a solution.


Those who suffer from pain in their hands and arms as s result of repeating similar movements over a long period of time., usually as part of their job.

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