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Back Pain

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Almost everyone gets back pain at some time, but staying active, with the help of chiropractictreatment, may well be the best solution.

Chiropractors treat problems with your joints, bones and muscles, and the effects they have on your nervous system. Working on all the joints of your body, concentrating particularly on the spine, we use our hands tomake gentle, specific adjustments (the chiropractic word for manipulation) to improve the efficiency of your nervous system and release your body’s natural healing ability.

What are the common causes of back pain?

Poor posture may lead to back pain. Your chiropractor at this clinic may advise you to make postural changes if you:

- Spend hours a day sitting at a desk computer or in front of the TV
- Sleep in a bed that is too hard or soft
- Drive long distances in car, van or lorry
- Find yourself hunching your back and shoulders in stressful situations

Daily activities, such as bending, driving, lifting, twisting and repetitive movements may result in a ‘bad back’. This is why your chiropractor will want to understand how you tackle these everyday movements. He/she will also ask about any major traumas to your back such as: car accidents falls sporting injuries lifting heavy weights.

How long will chiropractic take to work?

The scientific evidence and guidelines for medical practitioners state that spinal manipulation can help back pain, especially if carried out within the first six weeks. The longer you have been in pain, the longer it may take to improve with treatment.

Your chiropractor will advise you of your likely recovery time, and how to minimise the chances of the problem happening again. Early treatment is important, but chiropractors are also effective at treating long-standing or chronic pain.

Do I need an x-ray?

Probably not. Most back problems don’t show up on x-ray and are better diagnosed using a careful back examination and other tests such as muscle and nerve checks.

If you have had any previous X-rays, please feel free to bring them along also!

Solutions to Back Pain

At Live Free Wellness, we offer many different techniques, therapies & services to maximise recovery, address pain & keep you fully functional!

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