Tom Horsburgh MChiro

doctor of Chiropractic

Tom is registered Doctor of Chiropractic and graduated from the prestigious
Anglo European College of Chiropractic with a Master of Chiropractic degree.

With a background in rowing & CrossFit, Tom uses a wide range of manual treatment techniques
with special focus on movement, joint function to manage and
treat musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.​

"With a passion for rowing and training as part of team GB start programme in 2015,
I know first hand the benefits to chiropractic in maintaining a healthy fully functional body".


MChiro Masters of Chiropractic - 2019 AECC (UK)
Doctor of Chiropractic - 2019 AECC (UK)


Spinal Joint Manipulation (Diversified)
Active Myofascial Release
Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation
Movement & Exercise Rehabilitation


Rowing with the Great Britain World Class Start Program
Track & road cycling

TOM'S further studies include:

Motion Palpation Institute - Lower dynamic movement assessment
● Total taping – Kinesio Tape UK
● Anglo European College of Chiropractic - Master of Chiropractic     

As a result of spending 2014/2015 pursuing my rowing aspirations, training to an elite level 6 hours a day, drove my interests in rehabilitation, manual therapy, load tolerances and how they translate to the general population as well as athletes.

Apart from helping every day gym goers, I enjoy finding and addressing the underlying cause of a person's injury to help them return to their activity or sport as soon as possible.

By taking into consideration physical, psychological and social factors, I am able to fully understand all aspects of your health and wellbeing.

I am committed to providing a professional and thorough service that is tailored to your individual needs and goals, to give you the best level of care.

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Adult appointment
The first appointment is one hour long, consisting of detailed questions about your concerns and your medical history, including your general health, accidents, injuries, operations, etc.

A physical examination will follow consisting of some active and passive movements and hands-on palpation.

Tom will then discuss his findings with you and explain how he can help and over what period of time, outlining a treatment plan. Once agreed, there may also be a treatment (in most cases).

If further specialist is needed this will also be recommended.

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Call 020 8780 0898
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