Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Chiropractic care during and after pregnancy can provide safe, effective, and drug-free conservative care to relieve pain, by decreasing pressure on the joints, muscles and nerves of the spine and pelvis. Pregnant women are often reluctant to take any over-the-counter pain relief or medication, so they often turn to chiropractic care to help alleviate pains associated with pregnancy. In addition, we can also offer lifestyle advice, especially postural, nutritional and exercise advice.
On average, a woman will gain 11-16kg throughout the pregnancy. This extra weight places considerable stress on the back, hips, and feet. As the fetus grows, the core abdominal muscles become stretched, and cannot stabilize your posture as well as they did before. Relaxin is the hormone helps ligaments loosen, which allows the joints in the pelvis to accommodate the enlarging uterus. While it helps those bones shift in order to make way for the baby, the ligament laxity can make those pelvic bones very unstable in their position, allowing them to misalign in an uncomfortable way.
Our chiropractors use specific techniques to encourage realignment of your lower back and pelvis as well as increase the space that the baby has to move around in, encouraging your baby to resettle in the ideal in-utero position.

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Chiropractic for Breech babies

A chiropractic adjustment called the Webster technique is a specific sacral adjustment to help facilitate the mother’s pelvic alignment and nerve system function. This in turn reduces torsion in the uterus, a cause of intra-uterine constraint of the baby and allows for optimal fetal positioning in preparation for birth.

The round ligaments act to hold the uterus in suspension within the abdomen. However, as the pregnancy goes on, these round ligaments can become thin and tight like a rubber band pulled to tension, causing sharp, spastic pains and restricting the space in which the baby has to maneuver within the womb. Restriction of this movement often causes a baby to stay in a breech position beyond 37 weeks. Once the pelvis and sacrum are properly aligned, the Webster Technique focuses on relieving the tightness in the round ligaments. This allows the baby to shift comfortably and freely within the womb so that he or she may get into proper position for his or her big journey to the outside world.

In addition to this specific form of chiropractic care, acupuncture may be used to encourage the baby to find its optimal position.

Potential Benefits

Chiropractic adjustments help restore normal alignment and motion to joints that have become misaligned or fixated. Gentle stretching can also be used to relieve muscle tension that often builds up in the back.

Along with reduced labor times and pain, chiropractic care throughout the pregnancy can help to maintain a healthier pregnancy, relieve back, neck and joint pain and also prevent a potential cesarean delivery.

Is it safe?

Special adjusting procedures are used during pregnancy. These adjustments are safe for both the mother and the baby, and can lead to some tremendous benefits. There are no known contraindications of chiropractic during pregnancy. Chiropractic treatments can be performed at any stage of pregnancy including the first trimester.