Mindfulness Meditation 6 Week Course Beginning Monday Oct 2nd at 7:15pm

2500 years ago a great psychologist walked the earth. So great was his understanding of the mind that 2500 years later his teachings are being practiced worldwide in many cultures and religions as well as the secular world. They are also embraced by the NHS, and the field of neuroscience claim that his practices can literally restructure the brain as well as regulate and even re-calibrate the nervous system. He knew the power of the mind to create suffering or shine with radiant peace. He became filled with compassion for the struggles of humanity and taught a way of self care and reflection through wise attention and present moment recollection. Perhaps he was not known as a psychologist, but he was certainly known as the Buddha – one who is Awake.

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a very simple and effective means to help quieten one’s mind and come into the present moment. Mindfulness is ‘present moment awareness.’ It helps to cultivate calmness and stability in an increasingly busy world. Throughout the ages, meditative traditions have known about the tranquil part of the mind.

We begin the process of Mindfulness by simply giving attention to the body and the breath which provides us with our most immediate experience of the here and now. This simple practice is not as easy as it seems because we are often prone to be distracted from our here and now experience. We soon find that we have lost our focal point of attention and are distracted by thoughts, images and other phenomena. This is completely normal and is not to be construed as a failure or an inability to practice meditation. In fact, it shows that the practice is working because we are now becoming aware of the busy and stressful contents of the mind that most of us would rather be distracted from; but now we have the opportunity to see how it impacts on our body and do something about it.

Mindfulness meditation enables self-awareness and is an act of self-care, self-appreciation and self-honouring. It reduces stress and enables us to embrace ourselves with whatever our experience seems to be. It helps us to be more compassionate with ourselves and others, and if practiced regularly leads to sense of serenity and well-being.

Come and learn the art of Mindfulness Meditation with course facilitator Sabu Bhugobaun.

The six-week course starts on Monday October 2nd at 7:15pm until November 13th. (No session on October 23rd).

The course is experiential. Participants will be expected to set aside time for daily practice. There will also be time for some sharing of experience and for questions and answers.

Cost £72 for the six weeks. Full fee payable to secure your place.